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  • Do you do pick-ups?

    Yes, we do computer pick-ups and on-site work at locations throughout the Delaware Valley.

  • Do you offer remote support?

    Yes, we currently offer remote support. If you have Internet access, we may be able to connect to your computer remotely and resolve your issues.

  • What do I need to bring with my laptop when I drop it off?

    You must bring in your AC adapter so we can work on the laptop while on AC power. If you do not bring your AC adapter, we will only be able to work on the laptop for a limited amount of time until the battery runs out.

  • Which anti-virus software do you recommend?

    We recommend ESET's NOD32 Anti-virus. We find that this virus scanner offers the best protection for the money and will not bog down your computer as is often the case with other anti-virus programs.

  • What is the best anti-virus spy-ware program?

    Unfortunately, no one program will stop all spy-ware. The best way to avoid getting spy-ware is to practice good web browsing habits. Don't click on anything that you don't recognize which is telling you your computer is infected. Using Mozilla Firefox web browser versus Internet Explorer can substantially lower the risk of running into spy-ware and phishing websites. Also, by installing Spywareblaster (and updating at least monthly), you will lower the risk of running into these rogue websites designed to steal your money.

  • Do you service Apple products?

    Yes! We now support all Apple products including, iMac's, MacBook's, iPhones, iPads and Apple software.

  • How long will you take to fix my  computer?

    This is entirely dependent upon the state of your computer when we receive it. After an evaluation of your computer, we will provide you with an estimated time of completion.

  • Do you repair cell phones and other mobile devices?

    Yes, we do cell phone and other mobile device repairs, such as, cracked screen replacement on most devices and much more. Contact us for more details.

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